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The Amplify Change project aims to contribute to positive changes at AU, SADC and national levels, including in SRHR, CSE policies, laws and defend progressive policies and laws from attacks. The project will be directly implemented in eight (8) Southern African countries, to ensure more effective domestication and monitoring of SRHR and CSE policies and commitments.


The project will be jointly implemented by a coalition of young serving SRHR organisations and Faith organisations for a more effective domestication of the Maputo Plan of Action and ESA commitments.


The Job Purpose and role

The National Advocacy officer will be responsible to implement the advocacy and communications campaign funded by Amplify Change at a national level. The officer will also work closely with the Regional IPPF Advocacy Coordinator and fellow National Advocacy based in the other seven (7) countries. The National Advocacy Officer will work closely with the collaborative partners supporting a Regional Advocacy Hub and will ensure effective role out of the advocacy and communication activity plans of the Because we can! campaign in Southern Africa.


1.To coordinate advocacy and efforts on a national level

·       Develop, finalise and internally communicate Advocacy Plan at the national level.

·       Ensure the programme is consistently using uniform messages from the national Advocacy Plan in liaison with PSH and IPPF ARO communication specialists and inline with the communication plans and strategy.

·       Organise events, meetings and campaigns to ensure that the advocacy plan is active and moving forwards. 

·       Collect and document project stories for sharing, learning and advocacy.

·       Create a map of partners in the areas of each objective of advocacy plan.

·       Engage partners in line with the advocacy objectives and positively influence decision makers.

·       Ensure there is continuous information flow on advocacy events, meetings, initiatives between Because we can campaign and other key players.

·       Ensure effective communication between Because we can campaign and its partners.


2.Support to the Because we can campaign

·       Collaborate with staff in general planning and review meetings.

·       Support the development of the radio programmes, Advocacy Hub, policy briefs, etc.

·       Participate in capacity building of staff where appropriate and relevant.

·       To undertake any other initiatives to achieve the stated objectives.



·       Whenever possible undertake exciting and interesting initiatives to complement the impact of the project and programme.

·       Ensure that the work is implemented with the utmost of privacy and confidentiality in accordance with the terms and conditions of employment.

·       Represent Because we can campaign at meetings with partners.

·       Commit to promoting equality in terms of race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, and disability, so that Because we can campaign is recognised as an open and welcoming resource that challenges discrimination and works to address needs of disadvantaged groups.


Qualifications and Experience

·       5-7 years of experience in policy advocacy in development issues, especially SRHR and CSE

·       Minimum of a university degree in policy, public administration, social science, journalism, public relations, or related field.

·       Experience in Advocacy work with marginalised and vulnerable groups.

·       Experience of influencing and advocacy work including policy development and information provision in SRHR and CSE

·       Excellent analytical skills, both quantitative and qualitative

·       Strong research, policy development and writing skills

·       Experience in conducting field research and managing local research teams

·       Cultural awareness and ability to build relationships quickly with a wide variety of people

·       Patient, adaptable, flexible, able to improvise and remain responsive and communicate clearly and effectively under pressure

·       Excellent planning, management and coordination skills, with the ability to organise a substantial workload comprised of complex, diverse tasks and responsibilities

·       Strong communication (written and spoken), and interpersonal skills, with experience in working in multicultural teams

·       Knowledge of SRHR & CSE key international agreements and conventions

·       Excellence in written and spoken English

·       Good IT skills – Microsoft 2000 (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)





Full Time /31 December 2020 

Closing date

06 December 2019 

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